Friday, 7 March 2014

Monkey Thorn / Apiesdoring Bonsai

Monkey Thorn / Apiesdoring Bonsai – Year 1999

Bought this old Bonsai a week ago and pruned and shaped it to eventually grow into a dome.

Bark – Most acacia bark is rough and has a tendency to flake which makes it an even more beautiful Bonsai Tree. 

Trunks – Acacia bonsai trunks are usually flexible and single when young but at a later stage split into low and heavy branches. Healing is relatively easy if the tree in encouraged to expand so pruning back should result in a crop of new branches.

Branches – The branches are often mistaken for multi-trunks due to their. The branches are known to weaken if they are grown in a descending manner. It’s in the trees’ best interest that it is treated as it is in nature with a short trunk and low, ascending branches. There should be a crown formed by multitude branch ends.

At the moment this is my favourite of all my Bonsai’s.

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