Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ficus Bonsai Trees

Ficus Bonsai Trees Become A Part Of The Family

Bonsai trees have been a pleasant pastime for centuries. This type of art of planting trees in pots and clipping their ends started in China and found itself to be a pastime that has captured the hearts of people all over the world. The best part about the tree is, the indoor bonsai remains in the house so the owner does not have to worry about insects and rain destroying their plant.

Introducing the Ficus Bonsai Tree

The ficus bonsai tree is eye captivating tree that is not normally seen driving on a highway. People who own them keep them inside or have a special indoor garden so their trees can stretch and grow healthily. Most people do not know this, but just as a human needs love plants need love as well. If these indoor trees do not feel the love from their owners they will lose leaves and maybe even die.

These Branches Do Not Look Like Outside Tree Branches

Making a bonsai tree unique is an art that takes time and patients. This miniature tree is definitely more fragile than an outside tree, but the appearance of the tree may lead a person to believe that it can withstand any pain because of the age it looks. In order for the branches to not resemble a regular tree a flower artist will using various wiring styles and trim the leaves and stems to their liking.

Inside the Tree Pot

It is known that a tree cannot only live from water; soil is its food to grow big and strong roots. The indoor bonsai will need some healthy soil, meaning one that is known for quick draining. This is because ficus bonsai does not require an abundance of soil or water for the matter. This miniature tree and all trees are made of wood and when wood is soaked in water for long periods of time the wood will rot. Tree rotting is not the form of art that a person is trying to capture when creating their unique tree, so they remain clear of slow draining soils.

Change The Tree Pot

Some people give their trees an extra boost by adding fertilizer, which makes the roots of the tree grow extremely fast. Repotting the tree will allow it to continue growing and producing more branches to manicure.

The ficus species is a miniature tree that has captured the hearts of many. It is a magnificent eye catching, crafty, loveable tree that will stay alive and healthy as long it is treated like a part of the family. The indoor bonsai is one that will look lonely by itself and when a person begins creating their first they soon have the urge to start a personal rich with bonsai trees.